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So sorry…

Brenda Lee, Reporter, Dragged Kicking And Screaming From Near Air Force One

Oh, dear

Nader Accuses McAuliffe of Suppressing Votes – Virginia Politics –

Yeah, trying to pay Nader to go away in 2004 is really going to be unpopular among Democratic voters. You know how we love Nader.

Hey, I know those guys!

Jezebel – They Call Me Mr. Post-Traumatic Embitterment Disorder – Post-traumatic embitterment disorder

According to the LA Times, the American Psychiatric Association recently discussed applying the term to “people who feel they have been wronged by someone and are so bitter they can barely function other than to ruminate about their circumstances.”

My God, the entire Republican Party has this!

You know you’re crazy…

Roy Moore distances himself from backer who says schools indoctrinating with Islam and communism –

When Roy Moore has to distance himself from you.

Those overpaid janitors!

Birmingham, Alabama school board approves cutting bonuses to principals and custodians –

You have to wonder about a policy that only affects the most powerful people in schools. Oh, and the principals.

Translation time!

Congressman wants to end ‘birthright citizenship’ |

“Racist Georgian jackass wants to repeal the Fourteenth Amendment”.

That’s our Dick!

Silicon Valley: HealthSouth Paid For Someone’s Fake Boobs

I haven’t mentioned it, but there’s a civil trial going on where Scrushy’s being sued — basically, an OJ situation. One thing that’s come out is that the Scrush had the company pay for replacement fake boobs for a member of his silly girl group.