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Darn those volunteers!

Siegelman campaign e-mails inaccurate info

The Siegelman campaign wouldn’t lie. It’s all the doing of those irresponsible volunteers, who claimed that a lead prosecutor in the case against him was hired by Republicans. Actually he was hired by Democrats — including one who’s now a member of the Siegelman defense team. Oops!

Shocking, I know

Immigration issues get hateful

I mean, most anti-immigration people don’t hate Hispanics. Really, they don’t — that’s what they all say, and they seem so honest. It’s so horrible to contemplate that they’d vandalize a church. Or that the Klan is seeing a membership rise because of immigration.

Cue Santayana The Shame Of Kilo Company — Jun. 5, 2006 — Page 1

I didn’t want to believe this happened, but it’s increasingly clear that the Iraq War now has its My Lai.

Oh no, invisible voters!

Ex-justice counts on unseen voters

Roy Moore feels confident that he has the invisible vote sewn up, but they always have trouble getting poll workers to give them ballots.

Oh no, a golem!

Clay man seeks funds to rescue historic site

Give him whatever he wants!

Thereby ensuring the anti-evolution idiot vote NewsFlash – Former Gov. James endorses Moore for Alabama governor

Wait, he already had that one. Oh, well.

That’s a lot

Merger could cost 3,700 jobs

I was thinking maybe 1,200. Of course, this is an overall figure, not just for Birmingham. But the largest number of those jobs will be in Alabama. Hooray for mergers!

And yet Scrushy walks free

Enron Executives Guilty on Most Counts – Los Angeles Times

It’s really embarrassing for Texas to be tougher on its rogue executives than we are. Lay used the Scrushy defense to the letter, and yet he’s going to jail.

The ELT in the WP

Forget Politics. This Battle Is Personal.

Jeff Sessions, the Evil Little Troll, and his racist rantings, are highlighted in the Washington Post. He’s just insane about this immigration bill, which is a bad bill for almost the exact opposite of the reasons that he claims it is. I repeat: The US Senate is the dumbest national legislative body in the world, and Jeff Sessions is its dumbest member.

(Via Alablawg.)

Well, yeah

Prosecution says governor strove to help lobbyist

I mean, we know they say that — that’s why he’s charged with a crime. I don’t really have anything profound to say, I just love these headlines that convey no new information.