Monthly Archives: October 2007

It lives!

Langford to meet with Riley to discuss funding for dome-

The Birmingdome will not die. Future generations will continue to argue about it. The last sentence ever written in English will be about whether the dome will be built. Plans for the dome will be the major source of information about our society for alien archaeologists. Entire religions will be built around the dome that was never built… except in our hearts.

Also, jet packs

Langford plans big police force changes-

So, what does Crazy Larry want to do with the Birmingham PD? Well, he wants new uniforms and badges, for one thing. Seems like a needless expense to me. New cars, too, and that seems a bit more justified, though I don’t know the current state of the fleet.

Langford has said his plans are to bring renewed integrity to the department, saying that for the police to be effective, the community must have the highest level of respect for law enforcement officers. During his campaign, Langford said that officers abusing the public trust by hiding behind a badge and a gun won’t be allowed to stay. Officers, he said in the campaign, were not hired to victimize the people they were paid to protect.

Sounds good to me, though it won’t make him popular with cops. On the other hand, one of his candidates for chief is Hoover’s probably corrupt chief Nick Derzis. Way to restore pride in the badge. He’ll probably wind up hiring Fairfield’s Pat Mardis is my guess. I don’t know if Mardis is corrupt.

Where’s the rest of me?

For the first time since infancy, I’ve had a piece of my body removed — my left upper wisdom tooth. There wasn’t a whole lot left of it, from what I can tell. The dentist was actually impressed that his predecessor had managed to put in a filling that far back, though we really can’t figure out why.

Also, this hydrocodone stuff is just swell.

Bob Riley hates elections

Election set to replace Langford-

That is manifestly clear. He hates the idea of the citizens of Jefferson County getting to decide on Langford’s replacement, and says that the courts will rule in his favor, even though they didn’t in Mobile. Jerk.

Is this wise?

I need to go to the dentist, for the first time in [inaudible] years. I have a wisdom tooth that is, essentially, crumbling. The thing is that a previous dentist put a filling in the tooth. Who puts a filling in a wisdom tooth? I mean, a lot of people just have the tooth pulled even if there’s nothing wrong with it.

Man, Christmas comes earlier every year

Tropical Storm Noel soaks Caribbean; warning issued for Haiti – International Herald Tribune

Goodbye, it’s been swell

Nunn retiring as chief of police-

Langford apparently wanted to go in a different direction for chief of Birmingham PD. This may mean that he wants something done about all these murders. Or it may mean he wants every officer to have a personal jet-pack. You can never tell.