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The Pleasant Grove Tapes

Students taped to chairs by substitute

I can guarantee that some people think this is a good idea. I should point out that these are fourth-graders, and that one of the kids also had his mouth taped shut. And that he’s asthmatic.

Newspaper: "We’re just not very bright."

ABC News: Newspaper Says It Fell for Fake Gucci Ad

So what kind of newspaper takes the word of some guy that the two-page, semi-naked ad featuring him which he’s asking them to run is really from Gucci and should be charged to him? Because I think relatively few companies have the same person appearing in their ads and handling placing them.

(Thanks to Meryl.)

Don’t fight in front of the Germans!

Industrial incentives questioned

Riley’s finance director isn’t happy that some members of the state legislature (including Pork God Roger Bedford) are questioning the use of a bond issue to raise a whole bunch of money, supposedly to lure a steel mill from a German company. Bedford insinuates that the bonds would “create a $400 million slush fund for Gov. Riley.”

Good idea

Black Belt roads eyed for upgrade

I don’t know that it goes far enough. The main points seem to be widening US Highways 80, 84, and 43. I’ve been critical in the past of the “Road to Nowhere” as I called it, a proposed extension of I-85 from Montgomery to somewhere vague in Mississippi. I think that the problem is that instead of east-west highways to nowhere in particular, what’s needed is more north-south routes.

Most the interstates in Alabama run basically east-west, with one primary north-south route, I-65 from Huntsville to Birmingham to Montomery to Mobile. (The other “north-south” interstates really run more northeast-southwest.) In the western part of the state (where I live) it’s a pain to get anywhere north or south, or really anywhere but Birmingham really. An interstate along the US 43 corridor (Florence to Tuscaloosa to Demopolis to Mobile) would be wonderful. But even a four-lane surface highway would help a lot.

The point being that unlike the Road to Nowhere, this would be a road to somewhere, to the Gulf Coast, to the second-largest city in the state. It would probably be a faster route from Birmingham to Mobile than 65, though the people down in Montgomery probably wouldn’t like that. Anyway, while it’s important for local development to have highway access, building highways that nobody uses is not a proper use of resources. I think a highway on the 43 corridor might get used.

Bettye, Bernie Beaten?

Arena backers on short side of aisle

They’re not definitively dead, but with two members of the five-member County Commission, and four of the nine-member City Council, against the MiniDome, there’s no give. They’d have to get the support of all nonaligned members of both bodies.

Come to the student center for all your getting-shot needs

The Crimson White Online – Fight in Ferguson Center leads to shooting

They were non-student teenagers, for what that’s worth. Two of “the people involved” — I’m not sure if that just includes the ones getting shot or other people — were employees of the University food service. Also, two of the three required treatment, raising the question of what kind of gunshot injury would not require medical attention. Personally, if I were scratched by a bullet, I would make sure I got treated, but then I’m a wuss.

Someone at the paper is having fun

Study looks at options for city schools

The T-News puts up their story about possible school closings with this graphic:

Yes, closing schools is now apparently the equivalent of eating children. Or something like that. I’d like to think that this is intentional satire by some clever person at the design desk but it’s probably not.

Of course there’s a Wikipedia article on pointy hats

Pointy hat – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


I’m running a program on Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope tomorrow. And I am really bad at coming up with questions. Anybody got any suggestions?

My slow decline


Sixth! I was sixth in Atrios’ blogroll once.