Monthly Archives: December 2006

Still not dead

On vacation until Jan. 2. I’m going to try to upgrade Blogger now, but if what happened to Atrios happens to me it’s not going to work.

Nope, it won’t allow me to. Oh, well.

I’ll bet NewsFlash – President visits wounded soldiers

If he visited me, I’d hurt too.

This has been “Intentional Misreading Theatre”. Come again!

Hail the Komodo Dragon Savior!

Virgin Komodo dragon is expecting –

Or saviors, since there are eight eggs.

Dear stupid people…

Long-term commitment may lead to giving pet away

Don’t give pets as Christmas presents unless you’re damned sure that the person you’re giving them to is ready, willing, and able to care for a pet. Or if you have to, give them fish, because nobody really cares if fish die.

Three Duhmigos go to prison

Guilty pleas expected in church burnings

The mandatory minimum sentence these three dumb guys face is seven years, and that’s just for the Federal charges. There’s still the state charges in four counties, which include cruelty to animals for killing a cow. I wonder if the DA in Bibb County, who brought the cow case, refuses to eat cheeseburgers. I kinda doubt it. At any event, once the Feds are done with them they’ll have to do state time.

Bridge of Mystery

Black Warrior toll bridge has a new, mystery owner – Tuscaloosa

What’s worse: that our nation’s infrastructure is increasingly under the control of shadowy Australian interests, or that the shadowy Australian interests deny their involvement?

But when MIG was contacted Thursday, spokesman Paul Gregory said the company did not have anything to do with the toll bridge.

“The Black Warrior is not something that Macquarie Infrastructure Group is involved with, although it may be something one of our U.S.-incorporated funds has an interest in,” Gregory said.

If someone doesn’t come forward and claim ownership of the bridge, I will just have to declare it abandoned property and claim ownership myself.

Miserable Fat Belgian Bastards

Crooked Timber : Ceci n’est pas la Belgique

Is it wrong that I think a Belgian Civil War would be really, horribly funny?

He’s wrong

Clinton’s defense chief warns of Iraq ‘quagmire’ –

William “Not The Refrigerator” Perry says that Iraq might turn into a quagmire. Which at this point is like saying that the Democrats might win the midterms.

That settles that

Florida executions halted after botched injection –

Jeb Bush has halted executions? He really isn’t running for President!

Body counts!

Think Progress : Bush Officially Embraces Vietnam-Era Strategy Of Publicizing Enemy Body Counts In Iraq

Westmoreland Lives! Sweet Jesus, what is wrong with these people?