Candidates line up for chance at Alabama Rep. Artur Davis’ seat in U.S. House of Representatives –

If Shelia Smoot really goes to Washington, that would be great. Not as great as if Larry Langford did, but the Smoot is a good substitute.

3 responses to “Smoot!

  1. e. nonee moose

    I think Larry Langford would make a great ambassador to __________ (fill in the blank with any remote third world country that the US really doesn’t give a crap about).

    Obama should appoint him immediately!

  2. “U.S. Rep. Larry Langford introduced legislation today that would ban horses from being transported by car, truck or any sort of combustion-engine vehicle.

    “‘Horses got legs, they can walk,’ said Langford, D-Alabama. ‘Transporting horses takes away fuel — fuel that can go in my Escalade.

    “‘Let’s do something!’ Langford screamed loudly on the floor of the House. ‘Let’s do something!'”

  3. I like E’s plan. Let him take those Coleco ADAM knockoffs he’s so keen on giving way with him.

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