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The more things change

“In the South it is supposed that more government than is expedient is desired by the North. In the North, it is believed, that the prejudices of the South are incompatible with the necessary degree of Government and with the attainment of the essential ends of National Union.”

— Alexander Hamilton, 1792

Crocodile humiliation newest fad

Nerd!Get lost! State hopes to thwart crocodiles’ homing instinct with magnets : State News : TCPalm

So they say the idea is to mess up the crocs’ homing system. But really, what they’re trying to do is humiliate them so they’re too embarrassed to show their faces.

You have to be kidding me

It’s North vs. South in Big Three bailout fight – Capitol Hill-

So we’re going to complain about having tax money getting sent up North? Because the basic fact is that for many, many years, the South has been a net drain on the Federal purse. Michigan, on the other hand, has usually been a net loser. And while $25 billion is a whole lot of money, in terms of the United States government, it’s a drop in the bucket. Well, three or four drops.

Richard Shelby, of all people, is going around complaining about this. Shelby complaining about Federal money getting spent is like Ron Jeremy preaching abstinence.

Return of the attack carp!

My Way News – Fish flies out of lake, breaks Arkansas teen’s jaw

You never hear the carp that has your name on it. This one jumped at the kid so hard that he has back pain from whiplash. The carp, they like to jump, and sometimes people run into them. My sympathy is with the carp. They’ve been jumping for millions of years, we’ve only had motorboats for a few generations.

(H/T: Meryl.)

Yeah, that’s bad

Hurricane Dolly bears down with 100-mph winds –

All kidding aside, Texas is really getting it today. Stay safe, guys.

It’s going to be hot!

EPA report looks at global warming’s effects on the South-

Thanks, guys!

I shouldn’t complain. This is a lot more than I ever expected from the Bush “Administration”.

Thank GOP for Mississippi

Dem beats Republican in a race that may predict November –

So, Mississippi has three Democratic congressmen (out of four) and we have two (out of seven). That’s just embarrassing. We need to win both open seats this time, guys.