Daily Archives: June 30, 2008

Yeah, that makes lots of sense

State Supreme Court upholds appointment of Bowman to Jeffco Commission but orders fall election – Breaking News from The Birmingham News – al.com

Jefferson County already had an election, but Bob Riley doesn’t like elections and appointed a guy instead. And now they want another election, which will then get challenged by at least Riley and possibly Bell if he loses it and then the US Supreme Court will vote to do whatever benefits the Republicans.

BMLL to hold his breath until he turns blue

Birmingham City Council set to vote on budget- al.com

Crazy Larry now says that he won’t implement any new programs funded with money “taken” from his pet scholarship and streetcar projects. Now, money is fungible, so you can’t really say what money was “taken” from those programs. Moreover, it’s a positively Bushian move to refuse to do what the legislative body has approved.

Gotta get those scores up!

Seminar seeks to raise Alabama paramedic exam scores- al.com

Isn’t it funny? You don’t have to worry about actually teaching people to do better at their jobs. But you do have to worry about how they do on exams. It’s one thing when it’s schoolkids — but paramedics? I don’t particularly care how the guy trying to keep me alive did on the multiple-choice test.