Fun with the humor-impaired

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Some people, through no fault of their own, are unable to tell when someone is making a joke, no matter how obvious it is. One of these unfortunates is known only as “Bob”. He is one of the worst cases, the humor-impaired (™Dave Barry) individual who thinks he’s funny.

(To be fair to “Bob”, I just added the “Posts Where I Am Obviously Joking” tag to the post — this was a pre-tags Blogger post originally.)

8 responses to “Fun with the humor-impaired

  1. Mac,

    This definitely had no business on Braves Journal, and it wouldn’t let me post on the “discuss politics politely” page, so I figured I would come over here. We probably disagree about a lot of things politically, but since you’re a smart guy and you’re usually pretty respectful about stuff, I wanted to get your take on something.

    What do you think about the proposals to start drilling for oil at off-shore sites? This has been debated for a quarter-century now, and both Republican and Democrats Presidents have instituted bans. It seems like the costs in all of this don’t out-weigh the tremendous benefit this will be for Americans and the economy for the next decade or so. With the increased technology in this whole process, people say the refineries are much more equipped to handle a natural disaster too.

    What do you think? I’ve just started thinking about this, so I wanted to get your take. If you could, let me know if you responded by shooting me something on Braves Journal.

  2. Alzheimers'08!


    I think you and I both live in Florida, but I’m on the east coast. I coudlnt imagine going to the beautiful beaches here and seeing a platform on the horizion. Accidents do happen, if they are prepared for them. I dont want to see my beaches full of tar and other crap. If this was such a good idea, why wasnt it done earlier? I see this as another gimmick (see the Summer Gas Tax Holiday), and our Gov. here, Charlie Crist (aka Gov. Coppertone) has his nose so far up McCains butt…..

  3. Alzheimer’s 08,

    A special reason relating specifically to Florida that might make you reconsider.

    China has a contract with Cuba to drill offshore in the strait between the keys and Florida just short of half way (the international “resource control” zone is 200 miles or half way to the next country if less). China can suck half way from there to the keys from there and you know Cuba and China aren’t worried about oil on your beaches.

    Offshore rigs off Texas and Louisiana have been operating for almost 70 years. They survived Katrina with minimal release of oil.

    The better “potentially damaging environmentally” thing to do would actually be to open A(rctic) N(ational) W(ildlife) R(efuge) to exploratory drilling. We are talking about 10 or so 200 acre sites out of an area almost as big as the state of Florida. Pipeline, terminal and refinery infrastructure already exists if joined back to Prudhoe Bay. The North Slope has about 10 times as many caribou as when the pipeline ws built (they like to bed down against or nearby to the pipeline for warmth).

  4. That’s not true, Cliff. The Republicans went around saying it last week, but it’s made up.

  5. My college campus is halfway surrounded by beautiful beaches, and of course I love it. That’s part of the reason why I go there. If there was an oil spill, then I would see that as collateral damage for getting us independent of foreign energy for at least several years. Also, a few oil spills that destroys property value and the tourism of that area may make different energy source development more of a priority.

    I’ve been hearing about ANWR since I was a freshman in college, and it seems like it’s strictly an environmental issue as to why they don’t drill there. The environmentalists don’t seem to be willing to budge, and yet such a small portion of the population have such a huge control over such an important thing in our economy.

    Cliff also mentioned the dynamic that we’ve survived natural disasters like Katrina and the oil refineries stood up nicely. If that’s the case, then that really knocks a huge hole in the no-drilling argument.

  6. Alzheimers'08!

    I just think that looking for domestic oil will slow our real need, finding a renewable domestic source of energy. I’m not against drilling in ANWAR, I’m all for it. I just think this drilling decision is a knee-jerk reaction to gas prices, and will make little or no difference short or long term. We should have learned our lesson after the energy crisis, but we got complacent.

  7. Alzheimers,

    I will agree that is a knee-jerk reaction, but it’s a reaction that should have been made 25 years ago. It’s like the air conditioner’s been leaking for a month, and then you realize it jacked up the water bill 300%, and then you say, “What should we do?” Obviously you need to replace the air conditioner or find the root problem, but patching up the leak will buy you some time while keeping cost down. Drilling off-shore seems to be the temporary (and by temporary, I mean a decade) solution until we can replace our way of providing energy.

  8. The thing is, oil companies have leases to drill on public lands already and they aren’t doing it on more than half of those lands. Not to mention tax incentives to build refineries that they aren’t building. Domestic oil production has actually dropped under this administration. It’s simple supply and demand economics, really. Oil companies aren’t interested in delivering more oil to the public. They are only interested in securing more untapped reserves, which is good for the future balance sheet and the wallets of the oil men, including those in the White House.

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